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She continued to berate and humiliate Billy in front of everyone and then stomped off with Jack in hand.

After that, Billy and companions all left as well, that clearly ended the party.

I think this is a fantastic way for a large family to travel and I think this would be a lot of fun. My husband, try as he might, always forgets to translate as they speak and I have to constantly nudge him.

I finally gave up on that and often just sit with a large group of people feeling like I’m just listening to noise.

As was expected, everybody there had a really nice time, stayed up very late and drank far too much.

My sister and her friends all had rooms at the hotel and were planning on staying the night.

I have asked my husband if I could invite my family along so I would have someone to talk to and he thinks his family would be upset by that because we would be intruding on their family time.Access to the SCP is by application for level 3 and above only.If SCP-981-2 is to be removed from its canister it must be in a room at least 4m x 4m containing no physical media of any kind, and care must be taken during transport to ensure rooms adjacent, above and below are also cleared.The FBI is a federal investigative and intelligence agency with jurisdiction in a wide range of federal crimes; national security matters such as terrorism and espionage; cyber/computer crimes and intrusions; and intelligence activities that relate to those missions.Item #: SCP-981 Object Class: Safe (Possible Euclid, awaiting further testing) Special Containment Procedures: Having shown no signs of its influence spreading further than the recorded distance, as long as SCP-981-2 remains within SCP-981-1 it is required only to be stored in a standard artifact room in a locked copper box of at least 1cm thickness. We take 2 trips per year, always by ourselves for our anniversary and then sometimes with my family for the other ones.We would travel regardless of my family but they love to travel as much as I do and we enjoy traveling together very much.My sister felt that Billy really didn’t intend for Jack to hear what he said – and at this point (2 in the morning) didn’t think his story was being told in the vicinity of young children who should have been in bed.Lilly should have dutifully put Jack to bed at a more appropriate time (perhaps midnight since it was New Year’s Eve and his uncle’s wedding) or sent Jack home early with family (like her husband’s parents) or at least, told Billy quietly and nicely that Jack was still there listening instead of humiliating him.I explained why and he understands but thinks it would cause tension.I only get to travel twice per year and I am not willing to give up one of those trips to be cut off from communication. 0425-17A friend of my sister’s got married on New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago.


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