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Limits protect you from overspending and from anyone adding fraudulent charges to your phone.

If you are prone to engage in long conversations you should choose a carrier based on your needs or use some other no credit card alternative payment options.

You can purchase prepaid cards just about anywhere these days.

In fact, you can even purchase Virtual Cards online.

Spending an hour on the phone engaged in a hot conversation with Jessica sounds awesome.

But, when it comes time to pay your bill, you may want to find an excuse like “I accidentally ass dialed her.” To avoid these types of issues there are a number of alternative options that you might want to consider.

Perhaps one of the easiest methods available to Canadian citizens is to purchase credits through online banking.

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To offset the costs, the service provider charges the caller for using them. To connect directly with a phone sex operator you can dial 1 (900) 789-3658! Only available in Canada, these are similar to 900 numbers only shorter.

In the UK the numbers 098, along with legacy numbers starting 09 are reserved for ‘adult’ services.

The best way to know what each service provider carrier billing limits are is to ask them.

The only difference is you need to fill them up with money before you can use them.

While they act like credit cards, there is no “credit” needed to purchase them.


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