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You don’t just get to never talk to Seventh Day Adventists ever again. That is why in my guide to leaving the church, I make building up a non-SDA social support network a main, core component.

A lot of people point to Ellen G White to label the SDA church as a “cult”.

Seventh Day Adventists don’t live away in exclusive communities (bar extreme offshoot sects) and are usually friendly co-workers and neighbors.

Let them discuss and answer by themselves the discussion questions, After giving them 5-7 minutes to discuss, give another 2-3 minutes for a representative to share the highlights of their discussion to everyone, if time permits also ask a song from each group.

Hoekema, who did not agree with the Adventist views from Arminius's as Adventism holds a Wesleyan/Arminian stream of theology, grouped Seventh-day Adventism with Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and Christian Science in his book The Four Major Cults.

Several Seventh-day Adventist scholars have acknowledged that the Adventist view of the Trinity tends to differ in some aspects from the inherited traditional Christian view of the doctrine. Jerry Moon Moon asserts that Ellen White was raised trinitarian but adopted a different view from the traditional one and contends that White's later writings on the Trinity is not the same as the view rejected by the early Adventists."What James [SDA co-founder James White, husband of Ellen White] and the other men were opposed to, we are just as opposed to as they were.

Please also note, that from now on when this article refers to “Adventists” that are “oppressive” it is in reference to the segment that fulfill this function themselves.

If a church member is caught breaking one of the many rules, they face social retribution for their sin.


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  4. Seventh-day Adventist approaches to theology are affected by the level of authority accorded the writings of Ellen White. Mainstream Adventists believe that White had.

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