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Advice for dating a indian man Video cam asian datting

Most people make it only to the knee before the elder pats them on the back and says “no need, no need”.I had never attempted to do this tradition while we were in the United States, but I had seen my husband do it many times.In many parts of India it is a sign of respect to elders to touch their feet.You greet the elder with your hands together and Say “ Sat Sri Akal” or whatever the greeting is for your religion, and you bend at the waist to touch their feet in a loving manner.I took me a lot of time to master the art of making round roti that puffs up when you cook it.For the whole first year of our marriage I failed miserably at making Roti! When I went to India my wonderful mother-in-law finally taught me the art of roti making, and since then I am now a Roti Master!Moral of the story I don’t really do the touch feet tradition anymore unless its someone a lot older and I see my husband do it first.

I never talk to my neighbors here in the USA , so I loved it in India!Here is a free lesson for all those that want to learn. I listen to the program with my daughter because she also needs to use Punjabi more.My husband speaks Punjabi to her and she understands it all and follows commands and such but avoids responding in Punjabi. For example she has to ask for things in Punjabi, like Dudh dedo ji ( give me milk please) and such.So for a curvy girl like me it’s great to have things made to my size and shape.A suit is a long pretty tunic, with a either straight pants or Patiala style, which remind me of the Aladdin look.The only that is hard for me to wear is the chunni.A chunni is a long scarf that is worn over the shoulders, and in a Gurdwara it is worn over the head.This is one of my favorite things I have had to learn. Many women prefer Punjabi Suits over jeans and western clothes. They are so colorful and shiny and pretty and so comfortable.It’s wonderful because in India suits are tailored to your size exactly.Food is really important to my husband, as it is for most men actually.I personally could eat anything really and be content.


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