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Airline employee dating site

The employee behind the apparent leak, who the newspaper declined to name, is understood to have told colleagues she was recently a victim of identity theft.The employee, who held a relatively junior position, appears to have been told in an email from Big Pictures that the agency was "trying to sort you out some money with accounts".In his video, the woman with the child can be heard asking flight attendants for the stroller.A male passenger then walks toward the front of the plane and demands from the airline crew the name of the employee who took the stroller before he returns to his seat."In this particular case, there was a misunderstanding by the team member involved that taking video beyond the security checkpoint was part of the secure area and was not permitted," the airline said."He did not realize the distinction at the time, but we have advised the team members involved for future reference." Porter also disputes passenger's assertions that their representative threatened to have passengers arrested.According to The Guardian, Another email to Big Pictures reportedly says: "Got a few more for you!

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Other high profile names whose flight details were accessed include Ashley Cole, the Chelsea and England footballer, his former wife and singer Cheryl Cole and Jermain Defoe, the Tottenham footballer.Virgin Atlantic said it was taking the apparent leak "extremely seriously".Big Pictures is understood to have launched an investigation into affair. "We are waiting in line for hours." Before the encounter, passengers had sat on the tarmac for about two hours.But the request was made only with the intention "to try and enforce what was believed to be an airport policy," the statement said.At least one passenger on the Toronto-bound Porter Airlines flight scheduled to leave Friday evening defied the order, later posting a video online showing the Porter representative citing security and government regulations and telling passengers to delete any video they've taken. He said, 'I will not help you until you delete the video.'" There is no law that prohibits filming inside Logan, except in secure areas and of security procedures, according to Kelly Smith, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Port Authority.Passengers apparently were frustrated by the employee's handling of customers attempting to get flights out of the city. Filming is even allowed at the security checkpoints, according to the Transportation Security Administration, "as long as the screening process is not interfered with or sensitive information is not revealed." Restrictions include filming of equipment monitors that are shielded from public view.His video showed the aftermath of the incident: Less than two weeks ago, a 69-year-old doctor, David Dao, was hospitalised after Chicago aviation police dragged him from a United Airlines plane sparking international outrage and a public relations nightmare for the carrier.American Airlines was investigating Friday's incident, which happened on Flight 591 from San Francisco to Dallas before the plane took off, Leslie Scott, an airline spokeswoman said.The two then confront each other in the aisle of the plane and the employee can be heard challenging the passenger to hit him.The passenger eventually returns to his seat and the flight attendant leaves the plane.


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