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Al zarqawi dating

more A second Australian official resigned in protest from the US-led group searching Iraq for chemical and biological weapons and directly warned the Foreign Minister that its reports were politically tainted, it was claimed yesterday.

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more The Italian journalist and former hostage who was wounded by US gunfire in Baghdad underwent surgery on her shoulder yesterday, her second operation since the shooting, Italian news reports said.more The final report of a presidential commission studying US intelligence failures on illicit weapons is said to include harsh criticism of the CIA and other agencies for not properly assessing the possibility that Iraq no longer had arms stockpiles.more The head of Britain's foreign intelligence agency told the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that the case for war in Iraq was being "fixed" by Washington to suit United States policy, according to a new BBC documentary.more It's not hard to see why soldier Warren Vernon has mixed feelings about leaving to serve in Iraq.As he gently cradles his peaceful eight-day-old daughter, he explains the hardest part about leaving on his dangerous mission will be saying goodbye.more "Mr Blair," demanded Neil Coppendale, of Shoreham-by-Sea, "would you have authorised the invasion of Iraq if you had known there were no weapons of mass destruction? more Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appears to have backtracked from his proposal of withdrawing troops from Iraq starting from September, saying the date was only his hope and could be changed.more US commanders and Bush Administration officials are overstating the number of Iraqi security forces on duty, providing an inaccurate picture of the so-called training mission that is the US military's "exit strategy" in Iraq, a government audit agency has reported.more The Italian government paid up to $US6 million ($A7.67 million) for the release of kidnapped journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq, the Milan-based Corriere della Sera reported, citing a senior Iraqi politician.more Washington: In a twist on the photographs that inflamed the abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, a separate group of US soldiers in Iraq shot a video of themselves beating prisoners and using the body of a dead Iraqi to "wave hello".more The companion of freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena today made serious accusations against US troops who fired at her convoy as it was nearing Baghdad airport, saying the shooting had been deliberate.more Having emerged shaken, but relatively unscathed from covering his 34th war, veteran BBC reporter John Simpson reflects on the campaign to oust Saddam Hussein and the media's role in what was the most closely scrutinised war in history.


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