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Turning to the right, Carolyn Goodridge’s Encaustic and Glass on Wood, shows a female figure, head crested by a raven, the protector in Celtic tradition, monkey on shoulder, recalling the animal who learns valuable lessons and then is able to make changes, in Buddhist lore, underscoring this symbol of female power.Leda Black’s , Elissa Farrow-Savos’ painted wood sculpture combines craft with serious subject matter, as a woman leads her three female charges on a wooden wagon, chained to her leading horse, (hopefully a mare).True to the title of the show, the artists grounded their work in traditions of many cultures, African and Afro-American, incorporating natural materials to produce work that speaks to contemporary issues.

Bernie Houston’s He talked about the form: “I found it on the Maryland side of the Potomac. The steel wire forms of Kristin Mays envisions a thinker, wire-encased., while her three raised fists symbolize the continuing fight for racial justice.I’m not trying to tell people what to think about in my work, but I hear what resonates with them in my work.” I understood what Bouie meant, as the work in the show allowed me to contemplate it and feel that the art was listening to my reaction.Are the artists inventing (or reinventing as the title implies) a theistic tradition with new symbols?Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery show work that is aesthetically beautiful and politically concerned, highlighting natural and man-made materials in the most inclusive display yet of that which the art world produces, taking art and fine craft to the very Zenith. Celebrating African Heritage Month and The Annual Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, the art was overwhelming, in a good way, towering above the crowd, almost reaching the 12 foot ceilings.Mark your calendars now to attend the talk by Artists Femina artists on Saturday, November 18, 2-6 PM, at Zenith Gallery, 1429 Iris St., DC. -Nancy Nesvet Visitors to Zenith Gallery’s latest show packed a reception at The Sculpture Space, 1111 Pennsylvania Ave. Totems and Dogon elders and driftwood figures oversaw quite a celebration.The staff represents the colors and the notion of making a statement about where we are individually and collectively.” Explaining her use of botanicals, she pointed out the coffee bean pods, black walnut seeds that are energized, animated pieces that are symbolic. It represents the fact that art can communicate esoteric universal knowledge through symbols and this represents the different distractions, from the Aboriginal to the Adinka, Canadian and Celtic tradition including the moon from all traditions.I could read this in symbolic language and know what it is saying.We’ll start it off with the incredibly successful show, held at 1429 Iris St. The show features women artists and those identifying as women, and women’s work mixed politics, aesthetics and humor in a gallery packed with art, proving that a woman’s place is in this art gallery.At the opening reception packed with enthusiastic gallery goers, an installation outside the door by Lea Craigie-Marshall, of hand-woven Copper and Copper Wire, coated with resin seem to belong to a bygone glamorous era, of which we now only have these to form our dreams.Try to spot each of us in the Where’s Waldo type photograph.(Hint, Margery is the one with the crop of red hair).


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