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Artsy dating

Her ideas about money might be different from yours.She could be financially solvent and might still buy things for use in art projects that seem pointless or whimsical to you. I'm not necessarily talking about financial success, or even a job related to that passion.

They love you beyond measure, but they also feel the same for their projects.

Hopefully you find the huge inflatable fish she bought for a performance art piece endearing.14. She's sensitive to details and pays attention to other people because she finds them fascinating. She just tends to get really focused and then has a hard time pulling herself away.

Sometimes she knows how you're feeling before you even realize it yourself.15. It's probably a good idea to tell her to be somewhere 15 minutes before everyone else is really going to show up.

She will swoon over your handmade card even if you can only draw stick figures.4. She's not a Debbie Downer and can help you find the humor in any situation.5. She is always seeking out the novel and the unusual, and this extends to almost every area of her life. But please have some interests that don't involve sitting on the couch and binge-watching Netflix. She expects you to take an interest in her projects. Not showing any interest shows you lack respect for something that's incredibly important to her.

You will benefit from this trait because she will always be willing to cheerfully try new experiences and move past her comfort zone. Or that you're just not listening to anything she says. You don't need to spend all your money trying to impress her with a stuffy, fancy restaurant. Early on, I like to let a guy do all the date planning if he asks me out. Creative types have a million great suggestions, and they won't be hard on your wallet.


  1. The ancient Greeks established the imitation of nature as the highest aim of art, and Chinese artists dating from the earliest. Follow Artsy on Twitter.

  2. The artsy women that I meet tend to be really dumb and really egotistical. They love you beyond measure, but they also feel the same for their projects. Do you feelo.

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  4. Things You Should Know Before Dating a Creative Type She has ideas! So many ideas!

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