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She also has an uncle Marshall Weeks of New York City, Uncle Frank Nappi of Westbrook, and Aunts Flora Sue Nappi of Westbrook and Julie Barry of Portland. It has been just crazy here for the past - nearly two weeksnow. And, theyhad a wonderful trip to Pisa, Italy that she sent some picturesof. We think somethinghappened between her and Carlos ( her new husband ) -that must have triggered some deep psychological pain.

Cousins: Elizabeth Coyne of Yarmouth and Sam Nappi of Portland. She had talked to her mother on the Thursday evening- a long phone conversation - she groused a little bitabout small things - but her mother says that she was fine! But, then on the Friday evening - there was a voice mail message to Emily which spoke of Katherine having had a phoneconversation with a girl in the states, who - apparently - hadthought that she was - still - engaged to Carlos!

She had touched many lives and was well loved and shall be missed.

At an early age Kat was known as a mediator and always wanted her friends happy.

There was no controlling her -she was very will-full / headstrong -she really has been running her own life since she was 14. Of course Mom changed her plansand we were all so very proud to attend her High Schoolgraduation. There is just one school inthe area which offers evening classes - just for kidslike Katherine who was also working days and making upher high school credits in the evenings. She didn't even want to tell usshe was doing it - until she was sure that she was going tograduate. And, I even dared tothink she would bring grand-children to visit me. It does seem like we must havehad more than our fair share ...perhaps not - but, it does feel that way just now.;-)Oh!

My mother likes to tell the story of how Katherine came toher in late May - I'm sorry - my memory is all jumbled - Ithink it must have been 98 - no that's wrong - Dad had diedalready ..Katherine asked Mawhat did she have planned for that June 6th? I've just called Mom - I was screwed up on the dates - itwas after my Dad died - now we think it must have beenthe spring of 2002. I thought she was through the pain - that she had grownup and that it was all going to be O. I do hope Mom has told you that my sister Sue'sdaughter has had her new baby!

Valentine's day of this year in Bury Saint Edmunds where the couple came to reside.

There is a police investigation that is still going on.

And,when Mom told her that she was planning to be outon Matinicus Island - Katherine broke down and statedto cry. It was just a few months after thatthat she announced that she was joining the Air Force.

She went away to Texas for AF basic training justbefore Thanksgiving of that same year.

They have told us that she was very proud to be inthe Air Force, that she was well respected and hadmany friends. Carlos and an aunt and his brother were also present.

We tried to include them and make them feel asaccepted as we could. It was the first time that any of us here have met Carlos. Perhaps he did make amistake, but I do believe that he very much loved her,and I forgive him.


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