Chantal o dating inspiration sayings about dating women

Although there isn’t much information about Chantal available (amazing that a beautiful 28-year-old woman and daughter of a prominent athlete and businessman is nowhere to be found online!

) I did find out that she was married from 2005-2009 to Jason Vena, the former lead singer of the band Acceptance.

He doesn’t need a sweet single mom like Emily Maynard. She’s also the daughter of Mike O’Brien, former Seattle Seahawk and owner of the O’Brien Auto Group chain in the Pacific Northwest. She’s divorced, having been married from 2005 to 2009.

*** FEB 26, 2011 UPDATE*** But maybe that’s what Brad wants. Emily Maynard, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, is our potential superstar.

FORT is now abuzz with the rumor that Brad pick Emily, not Chantal Was Steve “Fleissed” again? The father of her 5-year-old daughter, Rickie, was Ricky Hendrick, the NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004.

On Episode 6, in Costa Rica, Brad and Chantal go camping and get rained on and Brad lets her wear his shirt.

That means it is time for our starcasm sleuths to dust off their internet magnifying glasses and compile their infamous “Bachelor Files” for the latest bunch of hottie Mrs. First up in the Bachelor Files is the stunningly beautiful (get used to description this season! Chantal gets the privilege of being first because she will be the first one out of the limo in episode one and she delivers a message to Brad from women across America: Slapping your potential future husband the first time you meet him?

They might as well skip the rest of the season and get married now!

Chantal is a graduate of the University of Washington and currently works as an assistant for her father Mike O’Brien, who used to play professional football with the Seattle Seahawks and the USFL.

Due to health issues stemming from multiple concussions, Mike O’Brien moved on from professional football to pursue a career as a car salesman.


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