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In 2009, Chris was arrested for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna after a Grammys party.

Rihanna was left with shocking facial injuries and Chris was later sentenced to five years probation.

Imagine the whole world not forgiving you for something that you did.

The X Factor judge posted a photo of the two hanging out recently in Milan, it sees Rita sat on a white armchair winking at the camera, while Breezy poses with a cigarette behind her.

Lil Mama recently had an emotional moment, while discussing Chris Brown.

She experienced Billboard placement with the release of her debut album, VYP (Voice of the Young People), which spawned the hit single "Lip Gloss".The singer's tweets came just hours after it was revealed that Karrueche was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against the rapper after he allegedly threatened to kill her.Fearing for her life: Chris Brown's former girlfriend Karrueche Tran (pictured 2014) has been granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against the rapper after he allegedly threatened to kill her In the filing, Tran had said that Brown had beaten her during their relationship. I even called the police.'I used to cry over that situation hearing her screaming at the top of her lungs because I am also a victim of domestic violence.'Chris' fans however, then turned their attention to Kay tweeting back and defending him.'Some of y'all are so delusional defending this man! He will never get help or change because of yes man and weirdos like y'all.'Women literally get murdered by men who act like this and y'all thing it's cute or she just wants attention...'Y'all wonder why celebs get away with so much, because of weirdos like u putting them on a pedestal letting them get away with this crap.'If you're really a Chris Brown fan u would want him to get help, not make excuses for everything he does. There are even Instagram photos of them circulating. Her and Chris have known each other for years and are NOT in a relationship. They were rumored to be sleeping together in the summer of 2013, which is when the baby would have been conceived. She partied with Chris Brown's now ex Karrueche Tran in May 2013 in Las Vegas.Defending the singer, she stated: You’ve done things in your past thats not on the record because you didn’t have the fame at the age of 15.And the shit that you was doing you, and your loved ones, and your close friends they remember that shit and they forgive you for it. Gonzales has also appeared in several music videos including Phill Wade's 5.Niatia Jessica Kirkland (born October 4, 1989), better known by her stage name Lil Mama, is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, New York.Chris and Mama are longtime friends as the two musicians collaborated in the past during their teenage years.Lil Mama spoke passionately about how Chris is still being blamed for mistakes he made as a teenager who was being watched by the world and defended Chris against those who continue to put him down over his past.


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