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Apart from that, we deliver: big tubes, small niche websites, great mega sites or just informative blogs.

We ensure that our portal is the best resources for all and any kind of porn websites out there.

Try putting a pack of frozen peas on the joint for about half an hour - this causes the rod material to shrink slightly - then pull and twist in opposite directions, gripping as close to the joint as you can (rubber gloves are very helpful for this).

Some of the rods can be sent directly back to the manufacturers and they will deal directly with yourselves regarding the repair or replacement rod.

Furthermore the evergreen category Amateur and Homemade is very popular, because a lot of people prefer sex scenes of real amateurs instead of pornstars.

You can then send your damaged rod, rod sections or reel to us, along with the appropriate charges.

Celebrate the sex trends that sparked the year and of course enjoy an eargasm or two…

right now we have one or two interests, so maybe within this year.

Porn Sites & Stars is a list of the internet's top porn sites at a glance and all infos about tons of porn stars.

We are working closely with A LOT of porn studios to get access to their sites to write honest reviews.


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