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As the PT rules out any other possible conditions, he or she must document the process of ruling out those conditions.

Ultimately, your documentation should always support the professional standard of care you provide to a patient.

There’s a reason PTs here in Pennsylvania must carry additional liability insurance: We’re not able to order tests or X-rays; therefore, we must rely on our evaluation and clinical decision-making skills to identify patients who might not be physical therapy candidates (differential diagnosing) and refer them to the appropriate care providers.

Our documentation must demonstrate how we arrived at our treatment diagnosis, and that explanation must include answers to such questions as: Here’s an example: A patient comes in with a complaint of low back pain (724.2). That being said, the PT also needs to consider what other conditions could present as low back pain.

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Moral of the story: Know your state’s direct access laws before you start treating.

For example, Medicare will only reimburse for outpatient PT services provided under Part B when those services are delivered under the care of a physician.


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