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You’d be surprised by this but there are doctors who honestly don’t find any problem with the government forcing poor people and pensioners to pay out of pocket for GP visits.

Or forcing everyone to pay 0 out of pocket for specialist appointments. 0 is also 1.5 weeks worth of dole or pension money. The evidence is clear about these things: not only does this sort of nonsense make society sicker, it is also incredibly cost-ineffective.

Various bizarre social policies are being enacted to promote the nationalistic interests of Sinhala Buddhists who make up roughly 70% of the population of 21 million. It did shock me when one of my juniors today exclaimed that world politics (of which she can only remember 2001 onwards in detail) was completely screwed and that there was no hope and no point in caring and that in fact no-one else cared. And someone else pointed out that one of the problems with Australian politics right now is that the electorate has lost its empathy with other people- thus the lack of moral leadership. Maybe we need to stop talking about THE YOOF and instead focus on particular demographics. Multiculturalism, GLBTIQ rights, gender equality to name a few. In the end she was okay and got seen by someone who knew what they were talking about and went home safe and sound. Who was missing out on an urgent MRI or CT as a result? A patient with bowel contents leaking into their abdomen? The scarcer the resources and the more underpaid the people on the receiving end of bribery, the more susceptible society is to corruption.

This man, who has links to Iran‘s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had links to Libya‘s Muammar Gaddafi and has been condemned broadly by the UN and Commonwealth heads of state… Perhaps Bernard Salt‘s idea of 5 major regional patterns in culture/politics is an important one- suburban/inner city/coastal/inlands/outback. While things such as the breakdown of the extended family unit (leading to the nuclear family and thus higher divorce rates and familial instability) have not had such a glowing influence. Fast forward to a few days ago when aforementioned individual’s significant other has a broken nose. Additionally, the less it is policed by independent bodies with the power to investigate and prosecute, the more likely people are to get away with things.

GPs at least will often bulk bill the poor (healthcare card holders), children and pensioners. I wish upon them an efficient public system and outpatients, enough doctors and nurses, rural coverage with public subspecialists, bulk-billing GPs and a government that supports the public sector.

But with the “copayment” this discretionary service is now a tax on the poor. And yet despite the fact that patients will be sicker, GP practices will lose significant business and emergency departments (already overwhelmed) will be overrun, there are doctors who continue to insist that this is somehow a “good” or “necessary” move. For doctors who have 10 mortgages that they’re negative gearing and renting at ridiculous rates as property developers and yet can barely afford to pay for? I wish them a future where they can’t possibly compete in the private sector and where patients refuse to accept being talked down to.

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And once you haven’t updated something in awhile it gets harder and harder.I suppose the United States, our laudable ally, has a grand history of colluding with Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Saudi Arabia the Shah of Iran and other such Great Leaders. There are multiple studies that show huge benefits from simple interventions. The more I look at the shape of that word, youth, the more it seems like a horrible, slouchy, lazy word. If they’re financially bound to staying in their parents’ houses due to rental costs. Part of these problems are part of the natural process of the elder generations claiming that the new ones are immature and weak until they are surpassed. In Melbourne, I mainly ignored it other than as a signal for the appropriate day to mark Triple J Hottest 100 Day, a far more worthwhile ritual. It’s painful, unpleasant and ugly but it is not life or limb threatening and the surgery for fixing it is usually done a few days later, not even on the same day. Really speaking, I should never have done it in the first place- my only justification can be that not intervening in a potentially life threatening situation would have been a worse evil. By the time I’d gotten the messages in the first place it was too late.Tags Aboriginal, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Australia, bureaucracy, genocide, Indigenous Australians, Indigenous People, Institutional racism, nationalism, policy, Public health, racism Overall, this is very depressing. But these things need funding, community consultation and a sensible approach. People like me are slowly making a difference but seeing as we’re starting these changes in 2013, it will take at least a generation for the institutional culture to change enough to be dynamic and less bitchy. If the media sexualises people and then calls them sluts for conforming or being victimised. Part of it is a gradual shift that has happened over the last century. If THE YOOF ARE OUR FUTURE OF TOMORROW and THE YOOF HAVE LOST THEIR WAY, then it’s our job to make sure this is corrected. In my later years in Melbourne, that land of wanker-parochialism, I found it increasingly worrisome. They were already making a complaint to the health minister.A good book on this subject is “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff.The classic Conservative (or at least paleoconservative) is all about “small government“; indeed in Australia, conservatives talk about any sort of human rights protections, regulations on the police & state and regulation of monopolistic behaviour as being somehow “big government”. The real world is somewhere under this zombie universe.is the Australian Federal Government‘s latest collaborator!!! Because sending people back to a place like Sri Lanka is a idea, so is colluding with its despot to do so, as is refusing to even consider the well-documented and legitimate asylum claims of highly educated professionals. It’s entirely possible that people were not in fact born in discrete “generations” such as the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & Gen Z. Post-2001 politics stands in stark contrast to the 90’s, the first decade in several in which the threat of world war or global thermonuclear annhilation was not a Damocles‘ Sword over us. And I get a couple of text messages and a missed call asking me to pull strings to get them seen in emergency faster. In the hospital setting this means rigorous auditing procedures and systems analysis.Never mind the fact that the despotic government that the Federal Government is colluding with is known to be some of these “people smugglers”. I can only assume that the reason for this incompetence is a mixture of attempting to manipulate the media, play on innate racism and fear of immigration and having a very short-term view of appropriate regional politics. The yoof are apparently between childhood & maturity but no longer tweens. I don’t see how people are meant to stay active or engaged however if they’re infantilised as “THE YOOF”. If they’re told “you can’t have everything as a woman and what you actually want is babies not a career” or that “nice guys finish last and are effeminate and there are no male role models so you have free reign to be a dick”. A broken nose is an accident but it’s not an emergency. You know someone connected to the head of a big company? Your father went to school with someone who is the head of department in a hospital? A politician’s or staff member’s family member is in emergency? Who knows which other patients were in emergency when they walked in with a broken nose? In the end I politely declined to intervene and explained my reasons.So this stuff – health economics and sociology – is compulsory material in med school.It’s appalling then, to see doctors complain that “the poor” spend “all their money on junk” and that they should all be spending on exorbitant medical fees instead.Using language in this way is the usual doublethink.In Australia it’s especially well implemented by the Murdoch media complex as well as by the (related) Liberal Party, both of whom have well documented, public links to the Republican Party in the US and their shady right-wing think tanks.


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