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In summary, it is found out that they required education about the environment and the wetland.

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It is observed that participants do not have sufficient awareness about the importance, protection and usage of the wetlands. When visiting the Archaeological Park, allow for about two to three hours to soak in the design and history of this area.The Archaeological Park Neopolis is comprised of three main sections: latomie or stone quarries, the Greek theater, and Roman Amphitheater.In addition to visiting latomie, while at the Archaeological Park Neopolis, it was great to see the two historical theaters and learning about their very different purposes.Seeing and exploring the Greek theater at Archaeological Park Neopolis is an incredible experience.Holy places at the site of the city's founding include Joseph's Tomb and Jacob's Well.Due to the city's strategic geographic position and the abundance of water from nearby springs, Neapolis prospered, accumulating extensive territory, including the former Judean toparchy of Acraba.When visiting latomie or the stone quarries, expect to see a plethora of vivid, colorful lemon and orange trees in place of what was once a limestone quarry.Also located in this area is a tall, narrow cavern.When touring the Roman Amphitheater, if you look closely, in the middle of the amphitheater there is room that is rectangular in shape.It is surmised that this room was either used simply to hold the equipment used for the fights, or a more morbid conjecture is that this room was used to gather the stage participants’ blood from the violent competitions viewed as entertainment.


  1. Aug 17, 2017. Archaeological Park Neopolis A captivating park consisting of phenomenal Roman ruins, a Greek theater with a unique history, along with an impressive Roman amphitheater, and fantastic stone quarries. When visiting Siracusa, whether you choose to make the Archaeological Park Neopolis your first stop.

  2. In this paper, the complaints and expectations of people living around the Neopolis wetland, which is an endangered area with international importance in Famagusta, Cyprus, in terms of the present situation of the wetland. For this purpose, 88 people self-employed, university students over 18 years of age, etc. who live in.

  3. Baltic Neopolis Orchestra continues exploring different musical fields and prides itself on long-term collaborations with some of today's finest musicians, such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Paweł Łukaszewski, Mikołaj Górecki, Daniel Stabrawa, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Daniel Rowland, and Carmine Lauri, among others. To date.

  4. Roman emperor Vespasian founded Neopolis in 72 CE Flavia Neapolis "new city of the emperor Flavius". Coins found in Nablus dating to this period depict Roman military emblems and gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon such as Zeus, Artemis, Serapis, and Asklepios. Neapolis was entirely pagan at this time.

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