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Dating while still living with parents

[Read: 10 guys you should stop dating if you want true love] Dating a guy who lives with his parents can be both, a blessing and a nightmare. If you love the guy enough, then you will try to see the beauty in it.If not, time to drop the couch surfer, otherwise, you may find yourself couch surfing with him in the future.

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Yet its ubiquity hasn't made the experience any easier — nor has it made "I live with my parents" any less of a dating stigma.: a lagging economy, mounting student debt, a professional path paved with unpaid internships.Because I was embarrassed of living with my mom, I used to tell everyone that I was crashing on a friend's couch on the Upper West Side," Alex said.Even if you can be upfront, the fear of being caught is real.You may have seen these cons coming a mile away, but let’s go through them anyway. For one thing, anything that you do that requires an R rating will need to be done within the confines of his bedroom. Even when you’re frustrated and arguing, you can’t make a scene because you’re in his parents’ house. He may be a freeloader, but he’ll need to fulfill some obligations from time to time.You’re lucky if he’s got his own bathroom, but what if you badly need to pee mid-make out session, and you don’t want to risk running into his dad when you’ve got your hair and clothes all in disarray? There will be times when, in the heat of the moment, your guy’s mom will suddenly knock on the door to announce that dinner is ready. But who would want to give up on potentially great sex to go downstairs and have dinner and small talk with the family? And there will be some obligations that his mom won’t mind saying out loud, even when you’re there.“We have to be quiet, my parents might wake up.” Uh oh.You’re hooking up with a guy who lives with mommy and daddy. He doesn’t have to buy groceries and cook his food.To my parents' house, that is, with my parents and my twin bed.Without getting into too much terrible detail, we were able to have a nice time, but never did — this happened on two to three nights — manage to have normal-person sex."One night, we were in the basement, just like old times, only now we're adults and we don't just make out anymore.It was late, and I assumed my parents would be asleep," a 26-year-old named Tina, from Washington D. "Next thing I knew, my old-fashioned, Italian-Catholic dad comes downstairs and witnesses Ken and me in full-blown missionary-style action.


  1. How do you date while living with your parents. I'm still living at home and I swore at. Maybe looking for a new job while dating is too stressful for you.

  2. Mar 16, 2015. Most people have experienced what it's like to date someone who still lives at home. In high school, it was a necessary evil due to being minors and all, but what about during those less defined times, when one is officially an adult, but not yet financially independent? This "transitional period" where you're.

  3. IAny other tips on getting girls if you live at home with your parents?/i. Well, I can't speak to any universal truths about picking up women or men, if that's your preferred cup of tea when living at home, but I did meet and begin dating my now fiancee back when I was still living in my mother's basement, so I'll give it my best.

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