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Among these groups of refugee, Sen Group became the rulers of Palpa at first.

Mukunda Sen of the Sen Rule occupied the land and he started his rule in the area of Rajpur and Tilpur by paying tax to the Abadh King (NABAB) of Kaushal Janapad.

He had escaped to protect his life from Mugal emperor and had taken asylum in western region of present Nepal.

Khamsa Khan and Micha Khan were the two sons of Bhupal Rao.

Then all the terai people were excluded from the security force.

Prithvi Narayan Shah followed an undeclared principle to exclude the terai not only in army force but also from the other high-level key posts of the government.

After establishing Shah Regime in Nepal, army campaign had extended to eastern terai.

In 1774 AD, in addition to army force, King Prithvi Narayan Shah defeated and dismissed to army ruler of Makawanpur by pretence, fraud and conspiracy and captured eastern terai.

and other people of hill areas, to his army force as well as other posts of government.

For extending their rule over to eastern terai like Sen Rulers, Prithvi Narayan Shah had also committed to pay tax to the Muslim emperor.

After defeating eastern terai and control over the land, Prithvi Narayan Shah started to terminate the Tirhutia soldiers from his force.

Par age of time, Sen Karnatak, Mugel emperors, British East India Company and at present non-resident Nepalese have held the governance of Terai respectively.

If we scrutinize the history of Nepal, the present capital city Kathmandu was only a transit point.


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