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So imagine my surprise when I flipped opened a Sister 2 Sister magazine (September issue) and finally read a Lamman Rucker interview where he shared some of the most intimate details about his life. After reading his interview, I swear I found a new respect for this man. I was in school at the time, just hunting the streets, and I almost found myself in the life that he was in. There's no reason why to this day he wouldn't be playing on Sundays. He was very, very talented--incredible football player.I honestly was almost in a place where I could have very easily just gone downhill from there. Now, I;m going to put my mother and my sister in a position for me to be gone too?I had to realize "Why would you do that when that's exactly where we lost him? It just didn't make any sense to put my family through that.

You just expect me to drop everything and be all about you. Over time, as we get to know each other, then it's going to be up to me to decide whether I stop seeing somebody else and go like, "You know what?

A woman might be used to calling you on her lunch break.

I'm not available on your lunch break, so ain't no, "Hey, let's get together." Now, there's going to be some days when, yes, I might not even have to worry about going to work, so I can come kick it for the whole month.

But it's really tough that a lot of women don't understand right.

Just because they're important doesn't mean they're always going to be the number one priority, especially at that time.


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