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As if he didn't have enough legal entanglements, Eminem has also agreed to stand trial in Pontiac, Mich., on charges he flashed his 9mm outside a car audio shop during an argument with an associate of a rival rap group, Insane Clown Posse.

The prosecutor in the Warren case seeks at least a six-month sentence.

The excuse the left always uses, referring to offensive, racist garbage as “art,” doesn’t cut it anymore. Yo Marsh man, You’ve been kickin’ all this shit about yourself, what about the homies man?

While Slim Shady rakes in the cash by rapping about rape, drugs and murder, Eminem tries to explain that it's all just an act -- and 27-year-old Marshall Mathers struggles to hold together a world on the verge of being torn apart by the stress of success, run-ins with the law and, most recently, his wife's suicide attempt. "The Marshall Mathers LP" sold more than 5 million copies in its first month of release, becoming the fastest-selling hip-hop album of all time.The track comes less than a week after a preview of his single Vegas, which is produced by Marshall Mathers' band Bad Meets Evil with Royce da 5'9", features violent and misogynistic threats levelled at Iggy Azalea.The musician was nominated for Favourite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and Album at the American Music Awards on Sunday but lost out in both categories to Iggy who had the grace to mention him in her acceptance speech.Both tracks sounded amateurish."Don't make this right now a double standard," Benzino said at the press conference. Simpson."Eminem responded by insisting he isn't racist and explaining that the recording was made when he was young, foolish and angry."Ray Benzino, Dave Mays and The Source have had a vendetta against me, Shady Records and our artists for a long time," Eminem said in a statement."We gotta treat this the same way you treat Mike Tyson, like you treat Kobe Bryant, like you treat R. "The tape they played today was something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager.NEW YORK "” Eminem found himself on the defensive Tuesday (November 18) after The Source magazine owners Ray Benzino and Dave Mays held a press conference to play a recording of the MC delivering racial slurs.On the first of two tracks purportedly recorded in 1993, an audibly young Slim Shady raps, "All the girls I like to bone have big butts/ No they don't, 'cause I don't like that n----- sh--/ I'm just here to make a bigger hit."The second track featured Eminem rapping about a black girlfriend he broke up with.It now appears that Benzino is right about Eminem and while Benzino beef with Eminem may be personal, Eminem is clearly speaking ill of Black women specifically in his lyrics.While most rappers are guilty of misogynistic lyrics that degrade women, I do not recall ever hearing a Black rapper say or use the phrase "Black Bitches" in their song.The 42-year-old rapper, who most recently sung about dragging singer Iggy Azalea by his Humvee and raping her, reflects on his long-standing career and expresses a keen sense of remorse in the hit which dropped on Monday.Beginning with the sound of a heartbeat and a lone boxer preparing to enter the ring, it flashes back to suburban Michigan - Eminem's hometown - and instead of training for his next fight, the character is scrubbing dishes in a local diner.


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