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There are as many ways to enjoying the feet as there are shoe styles – sne akers, stilettos, loafers, clogs, boots, etc.

Modern historiographical practice distinguishes between chattel slavery (personal possession, where the slave was regarded as a piece of property as opposed to a mobile member of society) versus land-bonded groups such as the penestae of Thessaly or the Spartan helots, who were more like medieval serfs (an enhancement to real estate).Whether you’re looking for someone to caress, kiss, sniff or lick your feet, or are looking forward to doing the same to someone else’s feet, Foot Fetish Partners gets you on the network of hundreds of thousands of other kindred souls all over the globe.Whether before, during and after sex, foot fetish has been the passion of millions throughout the centuries. Your feet, after all, produce the same pheromones as your genitals and armpits.So, don’t let others make you think differently about your foot fetish.Getting excited by the feet is not dirty, animal or ugly. As a member of the Foot Fetish Partners network, we have a unique process that helps you find your best partner.In Homer, Hesiod and Theognis of Megara, the slave was called The names of common slaves show that some of them came from Kythera, Chios, Lemnos or Halicarnassus and were probably enslaved as a result of piracy.The tablets indicate that unions between slaves and freemen were common and that slaves could work and own land.Documentation is disjointed and very fragmented, focusing primarily on the city-state of Athens.No treatises are specifically devoted to the subject, and jurisprudence was interested in slavery only inasmuch as it provided a source of revenue.Whether you are looking for soft and small feet, or are seeking out a calloused and smelly pair, we can help you find him/her.Slavery in ancient Greece was a common practice, as was slavery in other societies at the time.


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  4. Slavery in ancient Greece was a common practice, as was slavery in other societies at the time. Some writers in ancient Greece including, most notably, Aristotle.

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