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Free adult slave roleplay chat

That said, it should be blazingly clear by now that Gorean Role-play is not for minors.

We are not here to suffer for all the bad stuff that happens in your life in any way.When you take a character into a chat room you become that character and type out what your character would say and do in the environment of the room.It is important however that you know and understand the nature of the room you've entered when you do give it your first try.Come join the change at chatalot.com, where the journey is limited only by your imagination.Featuring the Custom Chat Server software - a unique tool for creating your own private or public chat atmosphere.Don't assume anything from another in the room, till you know that the typist behind the keyboard is consenting to the role-play transpiring.Role-playing in Gor gives both men and women a chance to explore deeper fantasies in a more primal way, that the books have inspired.If you aren't sure what the take on open scening(public furring) is, don't be afraid to ask someone in the room privately.It is quite common and a natural part of Gor, but respect is the word of the day.Once in the room you must abide by the rules of the room so you are fair game in such rooms and if you don't know how to defend yourself it can get tricky fast.As a Free Woman you could find yourself captured or enslaved if the room is not safe for Free Women to travel to alone.


  1. Home Role Playing Chat Rooms. In the end this should be a space where you are free to be anyone. Plain RolePlay by Ty The Okami. 1 day.

  2. Gorean HTML Whochat Listing Brought to you by Gorean themed chat is considered appropriate only for adults. Please follow each site's guidelines and rules.

  3. By chatting in the Gorean Living chat room. slave market, or pickup room. Don. The best way to serve the free in an online venue is to be respectful.

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