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Free webcams no credits card needed

Here are the standard/usual presets of Digital Cameras: Program-in program mode the camera sets the aperture and shutter speed.Shutter Priority/TV: The camera sets the aperture to give you a good exposure.This is one of the popular “rules” of photography,it is commonly used for an effective,balanced and dynamic composition.

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Here’s an Example: ORIGINAL IMAGE CROPPED IMAGE: Now let’s get down with the Rule of Thirds.

For example you can bend,sit or stand to get comfortable before taking the picture.

Not only the subjects/composition should you arrange but also yourself to get good quality shots.

Now,in this photo(above),the line that was supposed to lead your eye to the pep squad was put in the wrong place.was supposed to be in the far right of the photo… Practice capturing shots using these techniques and always discover ways to improve.. many things happened during the past few months…and i apologize for those who waited for the updates.. Cropping is the way of removing parts of an image in order to improve the image’s composition.

in this photo(above), i combined Framing and “Leading” Line techniques… and with that said…i will now continue updating and those who posted some questions will be answered soon.. It is also the way to remove unnecessary objects in the image…


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  3. Finally,I found the time to update my blog. are now in Framing Framing – is the technique of a composition wherein you “frame” your subject.

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