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People, especially children, we encouraged to surround themselves with friends, lots of light, laughter, and homemade food to combat and befuddle the evil spirits.

It was believed that love and laughter were so detestable to the evil spirits that they would stay far away from the birthday festivities.

Birthday celebrations aren’t complete without everyone enjoying a hearty belly laugh.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance that this superstition around evil spirits was let go and these joyous elements became simple birthday traditions.

Thankfully we now have Doozy's free funny birthday e Cards to ensure that any celebration is full of love, laughter and light, and guaranteed to be free of evil sprits.

They have received training at renowned comedy schools, including The Groundlings and I. West, theaters responsible for developing many of the Saturday Night Live cast members from the past and present.

We can assure you that we are not joking about the epic quality of our funny birthday greetings with this kind of talent. The gorgeous bouquet of flowers are in place, the fresh fruits have been magically dipped in rich, dark chocolate, but little did we how dangerous those sweets can be.


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