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The astute reader will understand that these are correlations and not causation: It might be that people in distress are more likely to seek a convenient sexual encounter, or that a casual hookup is more likely to lead to feelings of regret.A separate study by researchers Jesse Owen and Frank Fincham is suggestive of the latter possibility.

At that age finding a girlfriend/boyfriend is important. It is easy to think of on-screen examples of handsome leading men seducing a starlet they have just met or of a sultry heroine heading home with her new-found beau after only a few hours.But let’s be honest: the real world is likewise full of casual flings.I would suggest that casual sex doesn't necessarily have to be meaningless, which unfortunately is portrayed very often in the movies and social media.Lets add that to the the opposite meaning of stories addressed to the children of the particular generation analysed with which they grow up with, and the influence of the present image of couples as monogamous and the society acceptance of it.Sure, there are certain people out there who have successful "no strings attached" hookups and go about their daily routine without any residual psychological effects.Maybe there is a pathological component which mainstream society is willing to look away from until it evolves further.There is no doubt that that constructs a perception of how things ought to be or how they are accepted and how they are not. We all know the weight of the social acceptance has on ones perceived reality and its effects on ones well being.By first mentioning to causation and correlation to try to lend the piece scientific weight only to then go ahead and make a completely fallacious correlation. The research quoted at the end of the piece only finds correlation with drunken flings and regret and only with college students.I'd guess the dissatisfaction is more from a lack of a real partner than the sex causing an issue itself.As a adult my wife and I are also swingers, and have had a good number of casual sex partners over the last 10 years.


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