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How to not be intimidating to men women dating a younger guy

To be invulnerable means to be incapable of being wounded, hurt or damaged.In the context of attracting a potential romantic interest, it's more than emotional vulnerability, however.This meant I had to be willing to ask men for help or a favor.

To provide also includes, empathy, compassion and validation; in other words, it is not solely providing monetary items.If you're like a lot of independent and successful women, you may have bought into the myth that men are afraid or intimidated by this kind of woman when it comes to pursuing a romantic relationship.If this is true, how then do we find an appropriate man to date?As I was contemplating which light, I noticed a man standing beside me looking at the same lighting section. " He replied, "I'll try." I then asked, "Do you know what the difference is between these two lights? You saved me a lot of time trying to figure these out." While I noticed a wedding ring on his left hand and the goal is to find an available man, I got to practice being voluntarily vulnerable." Without hesitation he gave me a thorough run down on the two lights and which is the better light. He smiled and said, "You're welcome" and I went about my way.Ladies, if you are wondering why you are single and can never seem to attract the man of your dreams, perhaps it’s because he finds you too intimidating. Talking about your degree from that esteemed college you went to and all the amazing things you have achieved in your life can be super intimidating to people who have accomplished less than you. A smile is one of the most powerful weapons in the dating game, so keep that in mind, ladies.The idea of the so-called fairer sex intimidating guys seems a little ironic, but it’s totally true! If you look like you’re having the worst time ever, guys won’t have the confidence to approach you and try to get to know you.A guy may be really attracted to you but be scared to approach you. Let your warm and beautiful smile melt the sexy ice queen inside of you.Guys love making people laugh and goofing around, so if a guy doesn’t see you in fits of stomach crippling laughter every time he cracks a joke, then you are definitely intimidating him and preventing things from going any further between you.Offering a man the chance to guide, share his expertise or knowledge, empowering him by listening to him and welcoming his suggestions are also ways to show vulnerability.Therein lies the mystery to women who are capable and accustomed to taking care of everything themselves.


  1. I have a secret to share. I used to be afraid of intimidating other people. Specifically, men. Since my early 20s I'm 28 at this point of writing, I've b

  2. How Not To Intimidate Men. Share; Tweet. you're intimidating. So most women will pull back and not be as interesting. You have to do exactly the opposite.

  3. Have you ever gone somewhere and not exactly blend in. 10 Things That Make You Intimidating is cataloged in Intimidating, Life, People, Personality.

  4. A certain level of confidence is an extremely attractive quality in most women, but an overly confident woman can be very intimidating, not just to the men in her.

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