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Intimidating 69 camaro how much

During the special tour, Jeg noticed a garage that had coverings over the windows and inquired with Crisp about the contents of the seemingly "off limits" garage also known as the Deer Head Shop-an exclusive area that isn't part of the normal tour.Crisp allowed the Coughlin's in and explained that Dale Sr.This meant that out of the 83 '01 Intimidator SS Camaros, 51 were left unsigned.Fortunately, having ordered their Camaros early on, both of the Coughlin cars came with the personally autographed dash face. He's also a four-time IROC winner-quite possibly the motivational turn that secured his admiration of the Chevrolet Camaro. His Rookie of the Year award and seven NASCAR Winston Cup Championships only solidify the statement.The exterior reeks of the Intimidator badness with deep, black pigment poured throughout, and a stinger deck stripe amassed in gray for added "sass" on the otherwise ordinary SS hood.It's a direct tribute to Dale's friend, Jon Moss, and the GM prototype ZL1, also adorned in black with a gray hood/deck stripe.

Unfortunately, only 33 of the gauges were signed before Dale's untimely death at Daytona in 2001.

The interior plays home to a race-inspired theme that pays tribute to Dale's NASCAR Winston Cup Monte Carlo SS via the silver-faced dash and white Hurst shifter knob.

The seats and floor mats are dressed with the embroidered Intimidator SS logo.

The six-speed manual transmission is treated to a Dale Earnhardt Short Throw Shifter, while a posi rearend accommodates the 3.73 cogs and ensures the Camaro stays glued to the boulevard even in a moment of unavoidable illicit street behavior.

You never know when an unsuspecting Ford Mustang might provoke.


  1. Camaro Littlefield Customs. Bob Littlefield, of Littlefield Customs, put together this beautiful '69 Camaro with the performance to back-up it's intimidating, blacked-out look. 1964 Nova - Chris Alston Jr. 1964 Nova Chris Alston Jr. Highest mile-per-hour supercharged PSCA Outlaw of the 2009 season, at 209.69 mph.

  2. The Camaro has many upgrades. The gauge cluster is made up of new Autometer Gauges. It has front power disc brakes. In addition to the new paint it also has all new chrome trim, mirrors etc. It has a new interior including seats, carpet and door panels. The wheels are Polished American Racing Torq Thrust wheels with.

  3. Nov 24, 2015. A I started my career working for Car Craft magazine in 1990—that's the magazine everyone calls Camaro Craft and rightly so. Every time we put a '69 Chevrolet Camaro on the cover, newsstand sales spiked. A lot. So we put '69 Camaros on the cover. A lot. Consequently, I've put way too much thought.

  4. Jan 1, 2010. 2001 Intimidator SS Camaros - The Intimidation Factor. When Dale Earnhardt Sr. Put His Name On A Camaro, Everyone Paid Attention- Even Four-Time NHRA Pro Stock Champion Jeg Coughlin Jr. Nick Licata Jan. Throughout his racing career, Dale Earnhardt Sr. wasn't much for settling for second best.

  5. It gives you a total time warp feeling, where picking up this Camaro from us today almost feels like driving out of Madison's Chevrolet in 1969. And on a coupe that has been so much about authenticity thus far, it's great to have the original 350 cubic-inch V8 still under the hood. It looks terrifically original with the Chevy.

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