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Is online dating pathetic

Vlad's hands balled into fists, pink encasing them. I could have had everything I wanted had that blasted—! You're alone and family-less with nothing but meaningless wealth and empty rooms to your name! Danny swallowed, feeling a slight twinge of guilt, yet not the least bit sorry.

Google and no less than seven calls to Jazz was his savior. The fact that the unfinished math homework sitting at home wouldn't stop prodding the back of his mind didn't help. Much to his dismay, every day there were new matches he had to compare and contrast against the ones he already had.You don't understand—"Danny shook his head, "I think I understand more than you realize.I've fought you for months, I know you better than anyone else." Vlad said nothing, instead turning to glare at the wall.I need to get ready for work."Danny visibly deflated. He stared at the open laptop in his hands, his mind a monsoon of clashing thoughts. Half of him was angry, unfathomably angry, at Daniel. Or maybe you'd ask 'Why did I ever even think I could have made her love me? For there to be so many people, yet to have no one care..wouldn't be able to bear it.''Vlad placed the computer on the desk, slowly sinking into the chair. She appeared younger, yet still incredibly beautiful.How dare that teen, that child, have the audacity to come into his home, to interfere with his life, to attack and insult his very being. She was the kind of woman who could catch anyone she wanted in a bar or club, which begged the question of why she'd pick a dating site instead.Why is it so hard to decide that you've given enough of your life to something, and walk away from it? ""..." Vlad shut his mouth, lips pressed into a thin line. Humor me." Danny pushed the laptop into his hands, "I recommend Kathy, she seems pretty cool."He stepped back and walked away again, phasing through the wall and out into the crisp air of dawn. He had already half died alone, he refused to do it again. Or had Daniel been combing through his potential partners, and if so, why? They do say that no one knows you quite like your enemy does. Kathy, Ellen, Rebecca, Zoe, Marilynn, and Christine. But he still wouldn't say he was particularly...interested. She was the last one, specifically because he kept putting her off. His breath caught in this throat, his eyes glued instantly to her picture. Blue eyes highlighted with light makeup and complimented with a soft, sweet smile.Danny waited, patient, but Vlad turned away, motioning to the door, "I'd like for you to leave now, Daniel. He paused at the table where the laptop lay askew on, the screen still displaying the dating site. He looked back at Vlad's Polterheist Mansion, frowning deeply. He should probably do his homework.-o-o Oo-o-For a rare time in his life, Vlad Masters didn't know what to think. A deeper part of him ached, like it'd been cut with a dull blade. Will you be forty years from now, 82 and dying alone, only to ask yourself the same questions? Being alone when the rest of him withered away too was too horrible to even try to imagine. Part of him feels indignant that he hadn't been allowed to make his choices himself, but another part, puzzlingly, trusted Daniel's judgment. His curiosity and eyes often wandered to Marilynn's name. Freckles speckled her skin, her hair a shiny ebony trimmed into a floofy bob.Danny heaved a sigh."Listen, I'm not trying to do this to shove your face into things you'd rather forget—okay, I am—but I really am doing it to help you.""No you're not.You are only attempting to get me away from your family. Don't be so pretentious, you're not fooling me."Danny gave a halfhearted shrug, "You're right. But as hard as it is to believe, I really don't want to see you running around in circles for the rest of your life." Vlad flinched, despite obvious attempts to smother it. He looked to her picture, which displayed a fair attractive blond dressed formally.Start at the root of the problem, and all that philosophical babble whatnot. The bright computer screen light was starting to make his eyes go funny. Another half and hour and much quiet metaphorical dying later, Vlad Masters was successfully a member of Tru Love4U, Com.Which was why Danny was currently hunched over Vlad's laptop in the pitch dark at midnight, browsing for which online dating site would be best to put a sociopathic narcissist half ghost onto. It turned out that answering a lot of romance-based questions about your arch enemy was a lot harder than he thought it'd be. Good news: The site had already fund quite a number of matches.


  1. Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently. 2/12/08 pm. The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

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