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So now I will fully take the blame if there is a future New Jersey Governor Snooki." The video, which never surfaced during Granholm's political career, was posted on You Tube a week ago by a New York man who had seen it on the Facebook page of one of the contestants not chosen by Granholm.

She closed by begging Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show, to "be gentle with me." He made fun of her animated speech last week at the Democratic National Convention.

"I was high on democracy," Granholm told reporters following her remarks.

I was telling the people here that the news industry is there to report and inform, and that’s very important. But I want to be able to unearth issues that cause viewers to act.

That’s really what this show is about…whether it’s getting more people participating in voting or getting them active in their community.

Tell me what you described it as.""It was really, for me, it was a bad hair decade, and maybe it was even a bad hair couple of decades," laughed Granholm.

(CBS News) She may have been "fiery" and "electric" on stage at the Democratic National Convention last week, but as a contestant on "The Dating Game" in 1978, former Michigan governor-turned-talk show host Jennifer Granholm was described as "cute and curvaceous." Newly unearthed video shows a 19-year-old Granholm - now host of the liberal show, "The War Room with Jennifer Granholm" on Current TV - sporting the decade's signature Farrah Fawcett-inspired mane and a pair of suspenders.


  1. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm fired up the crowd at the Democratic convention. Now, lost video of the gregarious governor on The Dating Game.

  2. The former Michigan governor was a contestant on the game show in 1978.

  3. Vanessa Hudgens Say Ok Music Video Official with Zac Efron 03/19/07. More. Added to. Add to Channel. Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game 1978 More details.

  4. Jennifer Granholm, the former Michigan governor who delivered a fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention last week, is no stranger to the spotlight In 1978.

  5. A long and storied career. From this to this. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP. Read

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