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Even though this adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ play removes the thread of homosexuality that explains why Brick (here played by Newman) wants nothing to do with his wife (Taylor), the film offers the considerable pleasures of watching two of Hollywood’s sexiest stars fence with each other, occasionally while wearing lingerie.

But the songs…they’re so intimate, so pregnant with barely restrained emotion, they are as sexy as anything on this list. Envy is a fundamentally human trait and for Sarah (Rampling), a British author cresting into the autumn of her years, what she envies is the life of her surprise houseguest in the French countryside, Julie (Sagnier), who sifts through one-night stands like a croupier through cards.

The first time we see Salma Hayek in the film – also the first time American audiences laid eyes on her – she’s crossing a street.

And two cars crash in the background, the drivers transfixed by her.

Despite his long reign as a Hollywood sex symbol, you can count on one hand the number of sex scenes he’s filmed.

So this is a unicorn of a movie — about interracial tensions in the South — with a crackerjack of a sequence in which Washington’s entrepreneurial carpet cleaner finally consummates his romance with Choudhury’s motel clerk.


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