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The bottom line here is that the only person in the situation whose job is to protect your interests is , unless you decide to retain an attorney for yourself.Keep your eyes and ears open, and your critical mind engaged. — Elbert Hubbard Maybe you were expecting this, maybe not, but here it comes: your spouse has filed a Complaint for divorce or child custody (or both! Even a friendly divorce process (well, as friendly as they get) is still a lawsuit.), and now you hold papers in your hand that ominously proclaim: “YOU HAVE BEEN SUED IN COURT.” The closest you ever got to a courtroom before today was fighting a traffic ticket. Your spouse, as the Plaintiff, wants something from you that the court has the power to grant.He might be able to answer your questions (except for giving you legal advice, which he can never do), and he might (and should) be telling you the literal truth… Never forget that he has a client to serve and protect, and a set of goals to achieve.Get any promises he may make in writing; a good lawyer will understand why you want that, and will deal with you as fairly as possible subject to his duties to his client.

They can include information sheets in connection with a support claim, orders to participate in child custody-related educational or dispute resolution programs, instructions to pay fees, or a document stating that your marriage is irretrievably broken and that one year or more has passed since your final separation.

If you decide to make the call be polite and civil, and know that you have a right to the same treatment from him.

Remember that you are calling someone whose job is to protect and advance the interests of someone who wants something from you, whether you want to give it or not. — you can count on the lawyer listening to everything you say with a keen ear, hoping to learn something that he can turn to his client’s advantage if push comes to shove.

As a wise reader, though, you already know that all you really have to do is to call the telephone number at the bottom of this article! This will be a series of numbered paragraphs, each one making an assertion of fact.

At the end of each set of factual allegations will be a short paragraph beginning with the word “WHEREFORE,” that tells the court what the Plaintiff wants it to do (e.g., legally dissolve your marriage, divide property, award custody of children).


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