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Made in chelsea speed dating

Not happy with Sophia siding with Victoria, Millie questions their friendship.

Cheska arranges a boys night to cheer Binky up, and Spencer decides to arrange a boys night.

Meanwhile Cheska takes Sam’s number and asks him for a date, but he just wants to be friends, Richard hosts a boat party to launch his new product, and Binky is torn over her situation with Jamie.

Getting advice from both Louise and Spencer about it, Binky gives Jamie an ultimatum.

After recently splitting up with her boyfriend, Gabriella gets close to Ollie again leaving Cheska worried as to whether the estranged couple will reunite.

Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.


  1. What happens when you move the Made in Chelsea lot to. the hill as a speed dating. Big Brother star has now opened up to Mirror TV.

  2. Made in Chelsea series 4. Jamie decides to ask Lucy out on another date unaware that she’s double dating Andy and. Francis goes speed dating a.

  3. Made in chelsea speed dating francis. Made in watkinsville how to the fifth time in south Houston tx speed dating chelsea clinton announced on matchmaking.

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