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While Kate attempts to comfort Sarah, Gibbs unsurprisingly gets straight to the point by interrupting and demanding that NCIS be given permission to place a trace on the phone just in case another call similar to what Sarah received comes to her land-line.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Sarah goes to answer it while Gibbs and Kate have a silent talk with one another.

It then cuts to the phone from where a man's voice is heard, stating that he is Jim Kidwell and that he isn't dead.

On the NCIS Shooting Range, numerous NCIS Special Agents including Anthony Di Nozzo and Caitlin Todd are practicing their shooting skills.

Abby is on the verge of losing her cool when Gibbs comes in, carrying Abby's Caf-Pow and breaks up the argument much to Abby's relief. Surprisingly, Kate puts herself forward as the person to do it and tells Gibbs that Tony has a much better grip on the program than she does.

Gibbs asks what the photo in question is and Kate and Tony are telling him they're debating what the fake Walsh looks like. Gibbs agrees and Kate drags Tony into the next room to find the meaning of LES's and where they're available from.

Sarah opens the door and a woman with two young children, a boy and girl step into the house.

As the kids head outside to play, Sarah introduces the new woman to Gibbs and Kate who she reveals is Lisa Peary, a woman whose husband, Craig Peary served in the same unit as Jim Kidwell.

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Tony and Kate protest but Gibbs simply ignores them.

While Sarah attends to a newborn baby, presumably her new son or daughter, Gibbs tells her that in cases that involves this type of prank-call, it's usually an old boyfriend or a colleague.

Sarah tells them that they may find this hard to believe but she believes the voice was Jim's.

As a result, the admin of NCIS believe that Di Nozzo died in a car crash the previous month and now Di Nozzo has to go get a medical to get his clearance back. While Gibbs does that, it shows Kate glancing at her PDA which has a single bullet hole right through the center and she looks very sad at the realization her PDA is no more. They eventually arrive at Quantico where they meet Lt. He tells the team that Kidwell and Peary were in Central America on a mission and as such, went native to preserve their respective careers but a prostitute killed them with formaldehyde, supposedly over an unpaid bill. It's Abby who tells him that the NCIS techs installing the trace on the Kidwells's line discovered another trace and they tried to get to the location but Gibbs figures out it came from the Marine Base at Quantico. The real Walsh has no idea how his men died nor does have any idea who they were working for and every inquiry he has made so far has been shot down.

Kate tries to get into too but is denied much to her surprise, stating that she had clearance for Air Force One. Gibbs's efforts are in vain because he's been blocked too. Snapping his phone shut, Gibbs storms back to the office with Tony and Kate following. Gibbs and Tony realize that this means that one of the other federal agencies could be responsible.


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  2. Sabatino, Filomena. Date of Death 1994-08-27 Obituary appeared 1994-09-07 on page 19 in the Melrose Park Herald. Saillor, Michael. Date of Death 1969-10-16 Obituary appeared 1969-10-23 on page 70 in the The Herald. Sarysz, Peter. Obituary appeared 1969-08-21 on page 20 in the Proviso Star-Sentinel.

  3. Marine Down is the ninth episode in Season One of NCIS and the 9th episode of the entire NCIS.

  4. Dec 17, 2002. A vacation in paradise turns into a bloodbath in this modern-dress horror story. Six students from an exclusive East Coast university head down to Florida for spring break, but while sun and fun are the first order of business, things take a turn for the worst when the friends head out for a night on the town.

  5. Action · Angela's sister wants to get revenge upon her, inviting her to mystery farm along with her old friends, to participate in a game with fake blood and knives - but Angela and her disturbed. Director Thomas Bradford. Stars Michael Sarysz, Dorie Barton, Joey Lawrence. Release Date USA See more.

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