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An official statement from the Pentagon, which was obtained by NBC News, reads: This afternoon, an active-duty military member received a sex-reassignment surgery.

Military hospitals do not have the surgical expertise to perform this type of surgery, therefore it was conducted in a private hospital.

The Air Force and Coast Guard didn’t respond to the FOIA request.“The Pentagon was unable to provide a single example of a commander ‘insisting’ a case be prosecuted,’’ Protect Our Defenders found.

“Instead, in every case for which such information was provided, either military investigators or military attorneys were the ones to request jurisdiction over the case.

WASHINGTON – The Senate approved a fiscal 2017 defense policy bill Tuesday after skipping votes on several major amendments, including a proposal by New York Sen.

Kirsten Gillibrand to transfer from commanders to military prosecutors decisions on whether to prosecute military sexual assault cases.“That we have 20,000 survivors of sexual violence and the Congress can’t allow for a vote is just a reflection of the (Defense Department's) unwillingness to tackle this issue effectively and to accept the fact that they have a huge problem,’’ Gillibrand said in an interview after the 85-13 vote on the defense bill.

“Yet these referrals are routinely depicted as refusals, leaving the impression the charges would not have been pursued had military authorities not stepped in.”One example cited by the AP involved a case at Fort Drum in northern New York.

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The service status of 39 victims was not available.

Crucially, the military did not identify a single case where a commander sent a case to trial after a military prosecutor refused to prosecute.’’“In most cases, civilian police declined the case or civilian authorities deferred to the military based on jurisdictional issues unrelated to the facts of the case—for example, in one deferred case, the accused was deployed in Iraq,’’ the report said.

The Associated Press also looked at the files and came to a similar conclusion.“Civilian prosecutors interviewed by the AP said it's not unusual to transfer a sexual assault case to the military for investigation or prosecution, particularly when the incident occurred off post and involved two or more service members,’’ the AP reported.

This comes after events last week in which Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson dramatically blocked plans to scrap the Army's famous 'Be the Best' motto because top brass said it was elitist.

14, an active-duty military service member underwent gender reassignment surgery, and miraculously, the Pentagon agreed to pay for it.


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