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Each card has a "Drink " disk printed in the free space.Checkers and Dice for Backgammon features a combination small scale game board with the Coke logo around the edge of the board.At that time, these were referred to as the red box games, obviously given that unofficial name because of the color of the game box.And here is a little bit of trivia about Milton Bradley, the man credited by many with launching the game industry in North America.Horse Race Game is played by rolling dice and moving plastic race horse figures toward the finish line on a rectangular playing board.

It is a game of naval strategy (a precursor of the present day Battleship).He was born in Maine in 1836, and originally was a printer and lithographer.In 1860, he achieved success with a lithograph of Abraham Lincoln -- a clean shaven Lincoln.Tower of Hannoi is a puzzle from the celestial in which the base has three pegs.There are eight discs of various sizes on one of the pegs and must be transferred from that peg to one of the other pegs by moving one disc at a time and never putting a larger disc on a smaller disc.Dominoes where each of the wooden dominoes has a Coke bottle on the back side.Bingo set includes bingo cards, playing pieces and wooden number counters.Tic-Tac-Toe features a wooden board with wooden bottles as the playing pieces.One set of the bottles is brown representing full bottles of Coke and the other is green representing empty bottles.Letters are drawn at random and used to form words.Table Tennis set includes a net and brackets, ping pong balls and four ping pong paddles with "Drink dart boards.


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  2. This page is part of our Puzzle Brand Comparison. You can find the overview page here. SUMMARY 59/70 Falcon de Luxe is an old English puzzle brand dating back to the 18th century that is now owned by Jumbo, a Netherlands puzzle company. Falcon's line is focused on traditional English scenic images ala Gibson.

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