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Ohno nino dating

Then, everything starts became strange when both of them aparts since Okada enter V6.

Btw, I don’t know how I want to describe this kind of relationship between Ohno & Okada in their past, but when looking and searching about them in web, I don’t know why, but some of their glimpse (photo/video/moments) which I watch in some variety seems like they almost look like close friend in their junior day and this things about eating nata-de-coco especially really caught my intention to getting more and more about close, strange and complex relationship between them.

But on this regard, they’ve managed to bridge that gap sooner and turned out stronger for it XDI can imaging their relationship being kinda special - not in a combo/couple way. I’ve no idea about how close it is between V6 and Arashi, it seems to me that Tokio is rather closer, at least in private friendships.

Seeing that the camp was when Ohno just joined Johnnys and Okada back from the TV regular suddenly. Perhaps because I don’t know much about V6, except their songs and dances are good and heartwarming.

Ohno and Okada were trained in an enclosed environment, not sure about their future as they were so young.They weren’t completely ignoring each other if some fans were able to talk about them in forums, though most of those were about the V6 switch as well. If he did, we rarely hear actual names if it’s anyone in the business.A lot of his relationships tend to come as a surprise XD Kame’s painting came from Kame’s radio show. Machida detailing their annivs usually came from Machida as well.Plus their concert was arashi’s first formal performance as back dancers. :( Ohno is like some one who would talk too much about themselves and their past, especially when the topic may relating to others, i.e. It is way he protects and respects his friends I guess.Between V6 and Arashi, I assume it’s your normal senpai-kouhai relationship since Arashi did backdance a lot for them.Sakamoto was with Arashi a lot during their debut so I guess he’s pretty close with everyone.I know what I’ll be doing when Okada’s done going public about his strange relationship with Ohno XD Time to dig in.That Ohno was able to maintain a friendship with Machida and the rest of MA despite Arashi debuting proves this. But I’m also willing to bet the kids had a lot of good times while they were younger before the pressure of wanting to debut/succeed/reaching a dream became a lifestyle.Being a Johnny’s Junior sounds like a lot of heartbreak with only a handful of success stories if you count the number of happy and debuted groups against everyone else who didn’t get to. I’d love to hear someday (and hopefully sooner than later), that Ohno and Okada went out for a nata de coco adventure after one of these shows/filming sessions for old times sake.I remember during the Ohno interview in the BCP when Ohno’s backdancing clip came up, he fondly went “This brings back memories” XD It just now has new meaning to me lol Individual relationships though, I know Nino and Okada are on good terms if not close. Okada and Sho are on good terms as well because of Kisarazu.Then it’s Ohno and Sakamoto — Ohno attended V6’s 10th year anniv concert and actually went up on stage to whine/bitch at Sakamoto for the overdue omelette rice trip lolol which he mentioned again during the VSA when Sakamoto was there.


  1. Jun 6, 2016. Given Sho's custom, Jun and Nino guess it'll be latte; Aiba leans toward coffee. Sho usually. Sho murmurs he has no idea, Nino states it'd be an easy question were it for Ohno. Neen's love for hambaagu is no secret that the first question is too easy for Arashi Team what they will eat on the first date.

  2. Mar 1, 2015. Individual relationships though, I know Nino and Okada are on good terms if not close. And I read somewhere Okada is a Jun fan lol. Okada and Sho are on good terms as well because of Kisarazu. Then it's Ohno and Sakamoto — Ohno attended V6's 10th year anniv concert and actually went up on stage.

  3. Oct 16, 2009. Page 2 of 20 - ARASHI Jun, Nino, Aiba, Sho, Ohno Part 2 - posted in Japanese Male Artists Whooaaahh. I waited too long. NO UMBRELLA. Even if it reminds me way too much about Kpop, I still adore it333And they finally offered an apology from Channel V! Sheesh, they HAVE to tell us the date.

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