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Okcupid dating profile test

"And I’m in the privileged position of working in an industry where having my profile discovered by coworkers would merely be mildly embarrassing: if your sex life requires more discretion than that, this app is now an active danger to you.

Anyone on Ok Cupid can track me down from my profile alone,” says Ontario, Canada-based user Erinn Atwater, 29, who has been active on the dating site for several years.

Apparently there’s a big pet friendly following with 888,124 people using the words “cat” or “cats” in their names, and 138,246 people using the word “dog.” Other names like “sexy” appeared in 221,229 usernames; “lover” came up in 157,553 and the word “horney” showed up in 16,411.

Ok Cupid, which started up in 2004, has an estimated 1 million active users today and is the third rated most popular dating app on the market, according to data research website

It would be a positive move to protect daters from scams and having their heart broken from inaccurate information,” she says.

"Before the new year, we’re removing Ok Cupid usernames," the company's social media manager wrote in a Dec. "It’s starting with a test group and will soon be rolled out to everyone on Ok Cupid, so all users will need to update their profiles with their real names."Making some connection with people's actual names (or at least the names they use on their Facebook pages) definitely exists at other dating websites, such as Tinder or The League.


  1. Other OkCupid profile tips lists pile on unimportant, biased suggestions. They don't create real change in messages and dates. The truth is, few tips make a difference.

  2. It’s starting with a test group and will soon be. The dating site did not immediately. Anyone on OkCupid can track me down from my profile alone.

  3. But photos are mandatory to increase attention and visibility of your profile. OKCupid is. Or “3 Variable Funny Test. OKCupid is a free online dating.

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