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In fact, Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians have the highest rates of having Less than a High School education (Japanese have the smallest) and the lowest rates of having either a College Degree or an Advanced Degree.

First, it's clear that Asian Indians outperform all other racial/ethnic groups in most measures of socioeconomic achievement.According to a You Gov Survey last year, one in five relationships in the UK now start online, with UK singles contributing almost £3.4bn annually to the economy in their search for a partner.With some 5.8m people over 45 living alone and some 1.7m women over 65 who are widowed in the UK, online dating for the over-50s has become big business.It should be apparent by now that Asian Indians tend to have the highest socioeconomic attainment rates of all Asian Americans and that conversely, Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians tend to have the lowest.For example, Asian Indians are tied for the highest Median Personal Income with Japanese (with Latinos the lowest, barely below Native Americans).Asian Indians also have the highest Median Family Income, more than twice that for the lowest group, Native Americans.The results also show that while Filipinos have the lowest Poverty rates, Native Americans have the highest (slightly higher than Blacks).Asian Indians have the highest rate of being in the Labor Force, while somewhat surprisingly, Japanese have the lowest.As further evidence of the high socioeconomic achievement levels of Asian Indians, they have the highest rate of working in a High-Skill Occupation, generally characterized as executive, professional, technical, or upper management (with Latinos having the lowest rate), and the highest median Socioeconomic Index (SEI) score that measures occupational prestige among employed workers (while Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians had the lowest median SEI score).Having proven the concept - being certain there was both a need and commercial value - Matt went about building a team to assist him with the creation of the site.The US dating services industry has performed well over the last five years.


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