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Oracle updating large tables

But this means we need down time on applications using this table.

The signatures are the same for a view, except that the view namespace and name replace those of the table.

In this snippet, Tables_APPS_CUSTOMERClient is the name of the WCF class in the Oracle EBSBinding generated by the Add Adapter Service Reference Plug-in.

Update_PHOTO and Read_PHOTO are methods that can be invoked to update and read columns of large data types in a table.

Method 1: We immediately think about deleting data from these tables, but considering the amount of time it takes to purge these data and the churn it would create (redo generation) on the database, sometimes simpler solution would be to create a new table (CTAS) with only the required rows.

Reinstating a purging job following this is found to be very efficient.


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