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Nassim Haramein is an extraordinary human with an extraordinary Natural Philosophy that truly encompasses the concept of As Above – So Below.The Natural Philosophy of Nassim Haramein really doesn’t require any third party interpretation because he is very adroit at articulating his Natural Philosophy.This later time span agrees with estimates based on molecular clocks which dates the eukaryote last common ancestor at 1866–1679 Ma.

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His Natural Philosophy [and his presentation style] is not to everyone’s taste but it is extremely thought provoking and it’s well worth [in my opinion] spending some time watching his presentations because Nassim Haramein provides a very different perspective on the Universe.The Neoproterozoic Pan-African orogeny and the assembly of Gondwana/Pannotia produced large shear zones between Grunehogna and Kalahari.During the Jurassic break-up of Gondwana these shear zones finally separated Grunehogna and the rest of Antarctica from Africa.Nassim Haramein suggests that instead of trying to define material objects in terms of fundamental particles we should view material objects as boundary conditions in space because it is the boundaries that define material objects.A very curious property of a space enclosed by a boundary is that the enclosed space can be divided into sub-spaces and each sub-space [in its own right] can then be divided into sub-spaces.The oldest widely accepted evidence of photosynthesis by early life forms is molecular fossils found in 2.7 Ga-old shales in the Pilbara Craton.These fossils have been interpreted as traces of eukaryotes and cyanobacteria, though some scientists argue that these biomarkers must have entered these rocks later and date the fossils to 2.15–1.68 Ga.Dimension Three is the cube and it does exist because it encloses space.Nassim Haramein argues the mainstream Dimension Three can’t exist because the mainstream has constructed their 3D cube using dots, lines and squares that [all] don’t exist i.e. Nassim Haramein states the only thing that does exist is the dot.At school Nassim Haramein was taught about dimensions.Dimension Zero is the dot but it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t enclose space.


  1. Cosmogenic nuclide dating can be used to determine rates of ice-sheet thinning and recession, the ages of moraines, and the age of glacially eroded bedrock surfaces.

  2. Nassim Haramein is an extraordinary human with an extraordinary Natural Philosophy that truly encompasses the concept of As Above - So Below. The Natural.

  3. Earth and planetary science letters 91970 371-378. north-holland publishing company the rajmahal traps of india -- k-ar ages and palaeomagnetism ian mcdougall and m.

  4. The Sveconorwegian belt is a broad terrain in the south western sector of the Fennoscandian Shield subjected to thermal activation, widespread intrusion and limited.

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