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Philadelphia jewish dating

Christmas Eve events run by local Jewish Community Centers, typically by their young adults division, include Chicago's Matzo Bash (in conjunction with Taglit - Birthright Israel, FIDF, and other groups), The event evolved over the years from a social mixer to a party atmosphere, bringing together, for example, southern Californians who had not seen each other since their younger years in Jewish communal settings.Prior to Rudnick's organizing of the Matzo Ball in Boston in 1987 and expansion into other cities, Jewish organizations in other cities had used similar names for their own Christmas Eve singles events.

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In the old days single people were looked upon as outcasts of society... Meet Senior Singles at e Harmony - It can be difficult to meet other single seniors with whom you share common interests, goals, and backgrounds within your geographical area.Events such as the Matzo Ball are also seen by some leaders in the Jewish community as a last chance to engage some young American Jews who come "out of the woodwork" for drinking and socializing but are otherwise difficult to reach and uninvolved with Jewish organizations.As a Boston University senior in political science and part-time bartender in 1986, Rudnick attended a Jewish young professionals Christmas Eve gathering at a local hotel, where he found a staid atmosphere similar to a high school prom, with women on one side of the room, and men on the other.The Jewish Community Center of Dallas organizes its annual "Matzoh Ball" or "Matzah Ball" event, having begun in either 1981 including Seattle's Jewish Federation young leadership division, which changed it event name from Matzah Ball to Latkapalooza in 2004 after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Rudnik's attorneys.The Federation's attorney's insisted that because of the lapse in SYJP's federal trademark registration for the term in the late 1990s, and because the Federation had been using the term locally during that period, they were entitled to continue to do so.Rudnick's formula for the Matzo Ball atmosphere is to find a large venue that can handle the large crowds, and for the lights to get dimmer and the music to get louder gradually over the course of the night.Rudnick and SYJP expand the Matzo Ball to new cities when they believe that have found the infrastructure and potential clientele of young, upscale Jewish people necessary to make the event successful.and the organization's name was thought up by Rudnick and his Italian-American nightclub bosses, Boston Entertainment mogul brothers John and Patrick Lyons, who were concerned about offending both Jews and Christians with the stereotypical name Matzo Ball for an event being held on Christmas Eve, and harming the club's reputation.Other names for the event considered by Rudnick were 'Tribe Trot' and 'Heeb Hop', both of which were rejected upon the recommendation of Rudnick's mother, who also found the name Matzo Ball to be cute.There are a number of competing social events in Jewish communities throughout the U. With Christmas Day a work holiday throughout the United States, there is a space of unfilled free time during which much of American commerce and society is not functioning, and which could lead to a sense of alienation or loneliness for American Jews.—consuming a meal at a Chinese restaurant, which tend to be open for business on the Christmas holiday, and watching a movie at the theater or at home, stereotypically a rerun of It's a Wonderful Life.With the rise of the Matzo Ball and similar local events, the night of December 24 has become an opportunity to transform this otherwise brief period into one made to gather, socialize, catch up with old friends, network, drink, flirt, and romance.


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