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The law which provides for the use of generic terminology in the promotion, prescription, and dispensing of drugs: a. Which of the following is accurate about benzodiazepines: ” a. Used anesthetics, anticonvulsants, and muscle relaxants c. Started at a high dose then gradually decreased 13. A client with the diagnosis of manic episode is racing around the psychiatric unit trying to organize games with the clients. A client with bipolar behavior manic phase is exhibiting euphoria, hyperactivlty, and distractibility. Diazepam (Valium) is prescribed for a patient with Sow back pain. The nurse analyzes the client’s serum lithium level, noting that it is therapeutic when the level is within which of the following ranges? “I don’t feel any better, but I’ve only been taking the medicine for a week.” 29. Which of the following actions will the nurse take? Tell the client that discharge is not possible at this time. Tile nurse renews the client’s record and notes that the client was admitted 2 days ago for treatment of an anxiety disorder and that the admission was voluntary. The nurse would expect the physician to order which of the following dosages for this client? The refusal issue a certificate of registration for reasons cited in RA 877 as amended by RA 4704 rests on: a. Experiencing poor interpersonal relationships with other. This day, 5 minutes before the time is over, the client begins to talk about important feelings. Go over the agreed-upon time, as the client is finally able to discuss important feelings. Tell the client that it is time to end the session now, but another nurse will discuss his feelings with him. Set at extra meeting time a little later to discuss these feelings. End just as agreed, but tell the client these are very important feelings and he can continue tomorrow. ln working with a depressed client, the nurse should understand that depression is most directly related to a person’s: a. Give her PRN medication and walk with her at a gradually slowing pace 12. They need to reenact the attempt so that they understand exactly what happened. The staff needs to file an incident report so that the hospital administration is kept informed. The staff needs to discuss the client’s behavior to determine what cues, in his behavior might have warned them that he was contemplating suicide. Because the client made one suicide attempt, there is high probability he will make a second .attempt in the immediate future 17. Allow her to walk until she becomes physically tired d. ” In responding, the nurse must keep in mind that: a. Thoughts of disease are common in depressed clients. Clients suffering from depression can be demanding, making many request of the nurse. Antidepressant medications frequently cause vaginal spotting. 16 A client makes a suicide attempt on the evening shift. In assessing the situation, the most important rationale for the staff to discuss the incident is that: a. A patient who has a borderline personality disorder praise one nurse and asserts that all other staff members are terrible. Showing appreciation for the patient’s positive evaluation b. Which of the following would the nurse identify as a criterion for the client to be legally committable?


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