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He claimed he had the power to communicate with the dead.

In an interview with star Heather Dubrow, he said he kept the information to himself; in his memoir, Henry claimed that he told his mother of his vision, warning her that they would need to see his sick grandmother immediately, while they still had a chance.By working with celebrities, he’s targeting a lucrative, entertaining, and easily researched clientele.His techniques are no more sophisticated than any of the psychic entertainers who have come before him. Henry was born in 1996, the only child of parents David and Theresa Koelewyn, and raised in Hanford (pop.In the years that passed, Henry did small readings at a local spirituality shop owned by Tom and Joy Mc Guire, called The Cosmic Corral: Gifts for the Soul.The physical shop closed last February, but the Mc Guires have since taken their wares online and are touring Renaissance festivals.We publish only the best reviewed material, sorted and described for your pleasures of watching and downloading.Enjoy our huge voyeur archive and prepare yourself to discover all the incredible voyeur secrets!Henry began giving one-on-one readings for a session, Mc Guire said.The young man also co-taught what Mc Guire described as “grieving classes.”Henry had trouble in high school, he told The Outline, and left in favor of homeschooling, which allowed him to graduate at age 16.He was impressed."Tyler tapped right into two people I knew who had committed suicide and gave me horrifyingly shocking details about who they were and how they died — things that could not be researched in any way," Corbett told on E! On the show, Henry gives readings to A-list celebrities like Kris Jenner, Austin Mahone, and Margaret Cho, who gush about his abilities."Someone like Tyler that can connect with the other side...


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