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Themayor and the president paid the first call on him, and he,in turn, paid the first call on the general and the prefect. WELCOMEThe episcopal palace of D—— adjoins the hospital. He followed him,and exhibited himself to the eyes of the crowd in his purplecamail and with his episcopal cross upon his neck, side byside with the criminal bound with cords.The installation over, the town waited to see its bishopat work.10 Les Miserables 11. The episcopal palace was a huge and beautiful house,built of stone at the beginning of the last century by M. He mounted the tumbril with him, he mounted the scaf-fold with him. He was well formed, though rather short in stature, elegant,graceful, intelligent; the whole of the first portion of his life6Les Miserables 7. The Revolution came; events succeeded each other withprecipitation; the parliamentary families, decimated, pur-sued, hunted down, were dispersed. Charles Myrielemigrated to Italy at the very beginning of the Revolution. Was he,in the midst of these distractions, these affections whichabsorbed his life, suddenly smitten with one of those mys-terious and terrible blows which sometimes overwhelm,by striking to his heart, a man whom public catastropheswould not shake, by striking at his existence and his for-tune? He was already advanced in years, and lived in a very re-tired manner. The woman had beenarrested in the act of passing the first false piece made by theman.

Their only domestic was a female servant of the sameage as Mademoiselle Baptistine, and named Madame Ma-gloire, who, after having been the servant of M. A priest was needed to attend the criminal in his lastmoments. It seems that he refused tocome, saying, ‘That is no affair of mine. It was said thathis father, destining him to be the heir of his own post, hadmarried him at a very early age, eighteen or twenty, in ac-cordance with a custom which is rather widely prevalent inparliamentary families. A wretched man, being at the end of his resources, hadcoined counterfeit money, out of love for a woman, and forthe child which he had had by her. True or false, that which is saidof men often occupies as important a place in their lives,and above all in their destinies, as that which they do. Myriel was the son of a councillor of the Parliament of Aix;hence he belonged to the nobility of the bar. One day he heard a criminal case, which was in prepara-tion and on the point of trial, discussed in a drawing-room.Henri Puget had entertained instate, on July 29, 1714, My Lords Charles Brulart de Genlis,archbishop; Prince d’Embrun; Antoine de Mesgrigny, thecapuchin, Bishop of Grasse; Philippe de Vendome, Grand Prior of France, Abbe of Saint Honore de Lerins; Francoisde Berton de Crillon, bishop, Baron de Vence; Cesar de Sa-Free e Books at Planet e 11 12. The Bishop em-braced him, and at the moment when the knife was aboutto fall, he said to him: ‘God raises from the dead him whomman slays; he whom his brothers have rejected finds his Father once more.bran de Forcalquier, bishop, Seignor of Glandeve; and Jean Soanen, Priest of the Oratory, preacher in ordinary to theking, bishop, Seignor of Senez. Pray, believe, enter into life: the Fatheris there.’ When he descended from the scaffold, there wassomething in his look which made the people draw aside tolet him pass.Madame Magloire was a little, fat, white old woman,corpulent and bustling; always out of breath,—in the firstplace, because of her activity, and in the next, because ofher asthma. Myriel was installed in the episcopalpalace with the honors required by the Imperial decrees, Free e Books at Planet e 9 10. He taught him everything, encouraged and consoledhim. His condemnation,which had been a profound shock, had, in a manner, bro-ken through, here and there, that wall which separates usfrom the mystery of things, and which we call life.which class a bishop immediately after a major-general. He gazedincessantly beyond this world through these fatal breaches,and beheld only darkness. On the following day, when they came to fetch the un-happy wretch, the Bishop was still there. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Among other powerful per-sons to whom he went to solicit aid for his parishionerswas M. One day, when the Emperor hadcome to visit his uncle, the worthy Cure, who was waiting Free e Books at Planet e 7 8. 100 ‘ Congregation of the ladies of D——, of Manosque, and of Sisteron, for the gratuitous instruction of poor girls … She alone could accuse her lover, and destroy him byher confession. He invented an infidelity on the part of the lover,and succeeded, by means of fragments of letters cunninglypresented, in persuading the unfortunate woman that shehad a rival, and that the man was deceiving her. Visit the site to download freee Books of classic literature, books and novels. There his wife died of a malady of the chest, from whichshe had long suffered. No one could have told: all that was known was, thatwhen he returned from Italy he was a priest. About the epoch of the coronation, some petty af-fair connected with his curacy—just what, is not preciselyknown—took him to Paris. She was held, but there were no proofs except againsther. Thereupon an idea occurred to the attorney forthe crown.She had never been pretty;her whole life, which had been nothing but a succession ofholy deeds, had finally conferred upon her a sort of pallorand transparency; and as she advanced in years she had ac-quired what may be called the beauty of goodness. He told him the best truths, which are also the mostsimple. As he stood trembling on its mourn-ful brink, he recoiled with horror.Whathad been leanness in her youth had become transparencyin her maturity; and this diaphaneity allowed the angel tobe seen. Her personseemed made of a shadow; there was hardly sufficient bodyto provide for sex; a little matter enclosing a light; large eyesforever drooping;— a mere pretext for a soul’s remainingon the earth. He was father, brother, friend; he was bishop only tobless. He was not sufficientlyignorant to be absolutely indifferent.


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