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The Teacher's Tale · General · The Teacher’s Tale “And for next week I want you to read chapters 16 to 20 alright?!” My last sentence of class was met with a cacophony of noise. It read “I need to see you in my office at the end of the day.” Under ‘reason’ was simply “;)” and it was just signed “LDE”. I had fancied Lara since we had joined the school together last year. I suddenly caught myself and rushed back to my classroom hoping the day would pass quickly.I was getting nervous again but I was excited as well, the blood was pumping in my ears.It was an odd sensation, but I knew the blood would be pumping somewhere else soon enough.I licked her until her orgasm subsided then she pulled me up and licked her juices off me. What I saw upon entering her bedroom shocked and excited me all at once.Attached to the four bed posts were shackles and laying in the middle of the bed was a huge red dildo… I was wondering what was about to happen but realised that with Lara, I would be able to explore a sexual side of myself that I had never been able to before.

It was just as I raised my hands to remove her top that she pushed me to my knees and forced my head towards her pussy.

” I suddenly became very flustered, stumbling over my words “I – I can… It was no good, I began to stroke myself, gently at first, the water crashing down around me.

I was imagining her breasts enveloping my cock, her squeezing them tightly around it and sucking the end every time it went near those incredibly sexy lips.

In my pocket was the piece of paper with her address on it.

She only lived three or four streets away from me!!!


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