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Sexdating network

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we're doing something wrong.

A huge part of preventing infidelity is communication with your partner. When expectations in your relationship don’t meet reality, disappointment is bound to happen.

If you're dating, how do you decide who picks up the bill? Esther Perel breaks down how to deal with infidelity..

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Forty-nine perfect of unmarried relationships and 39% of marriages are inter-faith, and the numbers continues to grow. Technology and work are an integral part of living in the 21st century.

Listen to this episode to learn why excuses and rationalizations creep into...

The incidence of infidelity in the United States is greater than 50%.

If we can understand why men and women cheat then we are halfway towards solving the problem.

Once a partner has committed physical or emotional infidelity, it is important to learn how... As we age, we may also face daily obstacles of intimacy along the way.


  1. This longitudinal study examines 92 white middle-class participants' descriptions of their friendship networks from childhood to late adolescence, and their romantic relationships from middle to late adolescence. As expected, having larger other-sex friendship networks in early adolescence is related to the development of.

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