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While i am not a nypho i do want sex every now and then, after all that what most normal couples who love each other do. I love him in every other way but i am only in my 40's (as is he) and i cant imagine never having sex again. Try and dig a little deeper and see if there is a root to this problem.I have spoken to him about the lack of sex and he says he just has a very low sex drive, he wont speak to a doctor about this. i think with me and my husband its the other way round... from what you said: it must just be me that he finds it hard to get intimate with as i am very over weight and not very attractive It sounds as though you have problems with your self esteem (what woman doesnt) perhaps he finds it hard that you find it hard rather than thinking these things about you himself?We get on great, we have lots of laughs as a couple and as a family, we pretty much agree on everything, from the way we are raising the kids to the way this country is run, we kiss and cuddle a lot, and tell each other we love each other at least once a day...... Only we barely have sex, (his choice), we havent had sex at all this year and i think we only had sex about 5 tims throughout the whole of last year. If i were you id sit him down and tell him how its bothering you!I had heard about him from our mutual friends and i heard about various girlfriends he had, so it must just be me that he finds it hard to get intimate with as i am very over weight and not very attractive. your not asking for much, not like every night haha!In the past I tried being romantic downstairs which worked very occasionally (would brush me off to watch tv/ use computer) and I am tired of initiating it, if he was like this when met I wouldn't have married him. I really hope we find a solution as living like this is miserable, i do feel for you.

Chris, our psychosexual therapist will be working on there. I'm hoping someone will help and come up with some answers for us both.

The most ridiculous part of all this is that when we do have sex it is amazing.

We have a great deal of chemistry and the sex was what drove us/kept us together in the first place.

He won't discuss it and blames it on me (we have been arguing lots- I think it stems from me not feeling fulfilled, he says I don't treat him well which is why he doesn't want sex).

Basically whenever I try to discuss problems he swings the blame onto me, I accept some of it but not all.


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  5. My husband has confidence 'issues' I talk to him about the problem every few months when I'm at the end of my tether and he always maintains he loves me, finds me attractive etc, but just 'doesn't get around to it' He knows that the longer it no sex goes on the more resentment builds between us and he.

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