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I was eating my pizza and almost started singing with a great excitement and happiness while aimlessly walking down the street.

By the time I finished my pizza, I came to the city center where I suddenly saw a beautiful girl standing with her female friend on the other side of the street.

In sales, I remember I always believed in the benefits of the products that I was selling.That way I was also projecting my passion for those products in front of my potential customers.On the other hand, in seduction, I was failing over and over again, because I always ended up in some kind of friend zone with women.She was so passionately flirting with me in a way that I'd never really experienced with a girl before.The important bit is that I later learned that what helped me wildly attract this hot girl and make her chase me was not only the vibes of me feeling totally free, sexually relaxed and confident but also the right way I was using my body language.I decided to try to keep my eyes stuck on one of the hottest body parts for as long as I was enjoying it and at the expense of potentially getting caught by the woman whose tits or legs I was staring at.I thought that this would help me become more fearless at expressing my real sexual desires toward women later.Once you nail these 3 essentials, you’ll be well on your path to discovering all the excitement and the truth of how to make her chase you instead of the other way around.When I first found the seduction community, I got seduced into believing that the more openers, routines and tactics I know, the better chances of succeeding in picking up women I’ll have. On top of it, by following some seduction gurus’ advice on the 'importance' of approaching as many women as possible day in, day out in order to become very good at picking up women, I soon got into the bad habit of approaching random women just for the sake of making as many approaches a day as possible, and not for the sake of actually enjoying it.The main thing that I learned from that book was the importance of asking yourself the question Just a few minutes after watching it, I had an exciting light bulb moment.I almost felt as if Bruce Lee was directly giving me his tip on improving my seduction game by saying to me: ‘Go out and pick up girls with no intention to pick them up.’ Here I experienced another light bulb moment where I learned that in order for me to not only succeed at attracting and picking up women but also to unleash my best at doing it, I should always go out with my empty mind as the main prerequisite that can help me fully focus on the very moment of interacting with a woman, while not having to worry about what to say and how to do this or that.


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  2. Let's start with hanging out with the boys or for many of you, girlfriends. A sip, sip.

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