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The brothel also boasted a dressing up room and a dungeon - complete with whips, masks and an imitation electric chair.But in 2009, Vivien's career as a madam came to an end when the brothel was raided by police and she was arrested.Other high profile clients included Eddie, a media mogul of the mid-80s, who was editor of a now defunct newspaper, a premiership footballer, 23, with a big grin and huge dark eyes and an Irish-Jamaican model called Robbie.At her City Centre Sauna brothel in Manchester, footballer George Best took a liking to one of the girls there, Carol, but she wasn't interested.'George's attitude towards women left much to be desired,' Vivien said, 'and being ignored was definitely not on the menu.'She also remembers how her teenage best friend Jo became Savile's 'favourite' girl.She was bailed and appeared in court two years later, where she pleaded guilty to running a brothel, and was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and 150 hours’ community service.The Toucan Club was just half a mile from the local police station, but the Minshull Street Court heard that officers had no idea it was being run as a brothel until it was raided.

British politician John Profumo CBE was tipped to be Prime Minister in the early 1960s, until he was embroiled in a sex scandal - when he had an affair with call girl Christine Keeler, another of whose clients was an alleged Soviet spy, in 1963 - which shook society and nearly brought down the government.

She recalls how he used to DJ in the Assembly Rooms in Manchester, where Vivien and her friends would go out.'Jimmy was always surrounded by young girls,' Vivien said, 'but my friend Jo was his favourite.

'She was the one called into his flat or his office at the dance hall and who was generous with her body.

A former brothel madam has lifted the lid on her career and revealed how she happily provided sex for a host of celebrities, including George Best, and mixed with paedophile TV star Jimmy Savile when she was a teenager.

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, Vivien Ella Walden, who eventually went on to marry one of her footballer clients, West Ham star Billy Walden, when she was 22, recalls punters such as the 'insatiable' Conservative politician John Profumo, who Vivien knew as ‘Jack’.


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