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Amy, 24, says her Facebook relationship with a friend “became quite useful as a means to avoid putting other relationships on here”.

But what turned us off listing our squeezes in real-time?In the press release for the new relationship tools, the company says: “This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives.We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control.” Somehow, I don't think any of this will convince users to once again share the minutiae of our dating lives on social media.As such, relationship statuses are a communication of status, not a creation of one.They were never meant as a milestone for the couples themselves: they're to satisfy the sort of people who bark "BUT IS SHE ACTUALLY YOUR GIRLFRIEND? Maybe we've just decided that our online presence should benefit us, not those who want a two-click rundown of our personal lives.Even the phrase "relationship status" has become a meme to mock your own singledom, rather than a serious phrase about your commitment to someone: Marking the slow decline of the relationship statuses are various desperate attempts by Facebook to bring it back to life.In May 2014, it introduced an option to "ask" your friends about their relationship status, or other details like Hometown or School.One obvious answer is that everyone tries it once, in the first flush of romance, then never forgets the crushing social embarrassment of living out your break-up online.Izzy, 23, tells me that she once saw "Facebook official" as a necessary stage in relationships, but now, "I'd probably only change it now for something big like an engagement or marriage", since watching break-up become "public property" on Facebook.It's increasingly clear that even bloggers and Instagrammers who post online constantly keep their personal lives locked carefully away from their smoothie and interior decor feeds, sometimes to the detriment of their alleged "authenticity".We want social media to be privy to our highs, not our lows.


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