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True to its mission, TED’s guiding staff continue to seek out new avenues to reach as many people as possible with TED’s message; as communication evolves, so will TED.

When faced with the idea of discussing “media comparison” as a topic, my attention was immediately drawn to and TED Talks (from here forward simply known as TED).

Another possible shift I would consider examining is the change in advertising in television and maybe more specifically television shows like reality television.

Shows that were once family-oriented and family-friendly have now become shows that promote sex, alcohol, and drugs.

In one of the most talked about TED Talks ever, she discusses her attempts to fight the discrepancies between porn and real-life boning.

Third-wheel with Rainn Wilson (star of "The Office") as he dates some of the best ideas on and discover your perfect "idea mate" along the way.

Now, many people seem to have lost faith in the possibility of partners around them and have often resorted to online dating like e Harmony or

TED’s agenda “was to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation” by bringing “the authority on the topic” to the worldwide audience .

Since its inception, the business of TED has grown into a diverse nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation offering a broad platform of media spreading “great ideas”.

This gave me an idea for my own Ted Talk and Paradigm shift paper.

Especially since all around us, people are dating, getting married, getting divorced, and becoming widowed, I wanted to examine how this has changed from now to recent years to past decades.


  1. Some singles may feel inspired to take a stab again at online dating, especially in aftermath of Valentine’s Day. The author of Data, A Love Story How I Gamed.

  2. Mar 10, 2015. the birth of “TED Talks”. TED Talks. my attention was immediately drawn to and TED Talks. dating site and online dating in general.

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